Learn about the health benefits of the PINEAPPLE.

    THE PINEAPPLE has been for a long time a symbol of hospitality and is often used as decoration in many forms including bedposts, wallpaper and door knockers.

    In the past, they were rented or loaned out by growers to serve as a symbol of that hospitality as centrepieces for their festive tables.

    High in vitamin C, PINEAPPLE also contains PAPAIN an enzyme that aids in the digestion of protein.

    Here in the northern hemisphere we enjoy an abundance of this TROPICAL FRUIT and benefit from its nutritive qualities.

    Fresh or dried, PINEAPPLE is delicious, its unique flavour and texture adapt to any form of cooking or baking.


    Learn about the health benefits of PAPRIKA!

    is a mild pepper and is available in 3 ways:

    Spanish or Mild Paprika,
    Hungarian or Hot Paprika, and
    Smoked; Spanish Paprika smoked over oak fires.

    PAPRIKA is a welcome addition to almost all cooked food. Soups, stews (goulash), roasted meats, fish and vegetables are all enhanced with the addition of this versatile spice.

    PAPRIKA is a good source of iron and vitamins A,E and B6. It is also reputed to improve vision, reduce inflammation and maintain blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

    Use PAPRIKA regularly in modest amounts and PAPRIKA becomes a go-to spice in any kitchen.